Tetra Pak events

Lund University, AF borgen

Innovation Roundtable

bob棋牌 www.progenywines.com Tetra Pak and Lund University is hosting an event bringing together industry leaders to share best practice on working together for a more sustainable future.

Transforming the Food Systems

Tetra Pak is coming to COP27 to accelerate actions towards sustainable and resilient food systems

IDF Dairy Innovation Awards 2022

IDF Dairy Innovation Awards 2022

The IDF Dairy Innovation Awards are designed to encourage and celebrate innovative practices across the dairy sector and their contribution to the UN SDG goals

Tetra Pak Webinars

Creating the taste of tomorrow, today

How e-Business can help you minimize time & cost on non-value adding activities?

Nowadays, the global trends of e-commerce and digitalization are changing consumer purchasing behaviors. This change also impacts our customers dramatically. An e-shop that covers all your Tetra Pak equipment, and beyond, that you can use the way you want. Come and join us for the on-demand webinar to explore how Tetra Pak e-Business can bring up your ordering process to the next level.

Milk webinars

Turn Your Data Into Real Savings

Are you looking to improve your productivity and increase the control of your production? Whatever your starting point or goals, we’ll help you take your operation to the next level. Watch our webinar

A look into the future of Juice & Nectar

A look into the future of Juice & Nectar

In this webinar we will explore what are the most relevant Juice & Nectar trends from a category-centric approach.
Join us to strengthen your innovation strategy by exploring: What are the most strong and relevant category trends; innovation through product launches in FMCG around the world and addressing sugar reduction demand with state of the art technology.